November 02, 2017
Why Resortwear Is The Next Big Thing

Resort wear is breaking through into the current trends of modern high fashion. This summer’s fashion runways have given a special spotlight to designer resort wear featuring clothing from the biggest names in the industry. These limited run designs are becoming essential to yearly sales for high-end designers and demand has brought great focus to these collections on the runway. It’s even sparked a growing fashion event focused entirely on this growing style trend.

Panarea Couture made an appearance this year at the only resort wear-exclusive runway event in the world, Miami’s Fashion Week. This event was established specifically to focus on designs that embody the attractive vacation atmosphere of Florida’s coastal cities. This specialized fashion event brings resort wear to the center stage and showcases the styles soon to be seen on the jet-setters of the modern age as they gear up for wintertime getaways. Resort wear is taking summer living and travel by storm one show at a time this year with prominent names predicting big things for resort wear in the coming seasons of 2018.

Resort wear has evolved from only being styles a person sports on vacation. As it continues to take on a respectable life of its own in the high fashion kingdom, resort wear is growing to be more versatile and wearable outside of a resort setting. The colorful and unique appeal of women’s designer resort wear embraces the essence of seaside leisure and travel allowing the wearer to look luxurious no matter where they go. These desirable traits make resort wear the focus of Miami’s burgeoning fashion scene. With designer resortwear, creators can combine classic styles with sophistication and luxury to develop stylish collections that make every adventure feel like an island dream.

The classic and sophisticated appeal that comes with Panarea Couture’s vintage resort wear inspired designs allows discerning women to surpass trends and remain fashionable no matter where they travel. These timeless styles with a modern flair never fall outside of the scope of stylishness. By embodying the glamour and finesse of beachwear from the glory days of Hollywood’s biggest starlets, Panarea Couture’s beautiful and rich collections have ongoing wearability that makes them forever pieces to any woman’s wardrobe.

Valentina Shah