March 02, 2018
How to Keep Your Summer Glow During the Winter

Valentina Shah has the designs you need to look summer-ready all year round in the clothing department, but designer resortwear is only half the battle when you’re trying to put together a seamless summer look for a winter getaway. Maintaining your summer glow in winter is a challenge that requires careful planning and changes to your daily routine to overcome. The winter weather and diminished sun exposure have a completely different effect on your complexion. It only makes sense that your skincare and cosmetic routine have to change with the shifting of the season. It might take some extra time and work to keep that bright and dewy summer look going strong, but the effort will be worth the energy when you’re beach ready the moment you land at your destination.

Changing Up Your Skincare Routine

The dry, cooler air of the winter can deplete the moisture in your skin, leaving it prone to cracking and bleeding. Developing a skincare routine for winter that focuses on moisturization, exfoliation and repair will be the best way to overcome the effect of the winter weather on your complexion. It’s important to consider your whole body when you approach your winter skincare routine, as your new luxury bathing suits will be showing off your best aspects from head to toe.

Washing your face with lukewarm water instead of hot water will keep you from stripping away too many essential oils from your skin. Pairing warm washes with exfoliation to remove dead skin from your face, lips, hands, and body keeps skin refreshed and smooth without damaging it further.

Moisturization will be an essential part of every winter skincare plan. While moisturizers should be incorporated into your daily routine all year round, they are absolutely vital in winter. Moisturizing immediately after washing your face or showering will trap the dampness still on your skin in place and help keep it hydrated. Moisturizing at night before bed with masks and lotions is also necessary to repair skin after a long day of exposure to the winter air. Even when shielded, your skin is still being affected by the elements to some extent, so it’s useful to moisturize a few times in between, as well, to keep skin protected. Being diligent pays off in the end when you’re looking brilliant in your Italian swimwear at a beautiful beach resort later this winter.

Enhance Your Glow With the Right Cosmetics

Makeup will be your best friend when you’re trying to achieve that dewy summer look in the winter months. The right makeup can make your complexion rich and sunny, so it’s best to be selective.

A luminous foundation is a great ground point for your look. Applying your foundation while your moisturizer is still damp makes creates a second skin effect that’s natural, smooth and soft. Drawing on that moisture present in your skin is a crucial part of bringing out that glow you want, so be ready with your foundation when you’re wrapping up your cleansing for the day.

Primers that redirect UV-light to exemplify the skin’s natural luminescence and a defined face created with a high-quality palette emphasize that bright, summery appearance. You’ll be ready for any activity at the resort with a face that catches the sun’s rays just right and has you looking like you never left the summer weather. Pair these with liquid or cream blush and eyeshadow and you’ll have a healthy, hydrated appearance that goes perfectly together with your designer resortwear.

Valentina Shah has luxury bathing suits and resortwear are the foundation of Panarea Couture’s summer-ready ensembles. These designs, inspired by vintage Hollywood summers by the pool, are perfect for any snowbird’s escape to sunnier lands for an ideal winter retreat. With the right skincare and cosmetics, your complete vacation look can be achieved even in the harshest of winter seasons. With the right approach, you can be dressed to the nines with a glowing, warm complexion.

Valentina Shah