January 10, 2018
Designer Showcase: Valentina Shah

Valentina Shah has been making her mark on the world of design since the early 2010s with styles inspired by classic Hollywood that exemplify versatility and sophistication. These luxury designs focus on multi-purpose use that allows fashion-forward women to be in style for any occasion. With enviably gorgeous pieces at accessible prices, her timeless collections, born out of years as an international business development executive for a range of fashion companies, have made her a designer with the experience and the knowledge to create high-end collections that maintain their trendiness well beyond their release.

Valentina Shah’s influences range from Russian ballerina, Natalia Bessmertnova, to Coco Chanel, but the most important inspiration for her designs is her grandmother, the matriarch of the noble Carraciolo family from the south coast of Italy. It is her wardrobe from her home in Rome that truly inspired Shah to move from being an executive to a creative powerhouse.

Shah has recounted memories of sneaking down the stairs as a child to peek at famous faces like Sophia Loren and Robert DeNiro that were attending her parents’ notable summer parties at their family vacation home. These late night summer soirees by the pool have been a notable influence on her most recent branch of fashion collections.

Panarea Couture is Valentina Shah’s latest venture as a luxury fashionista. Inspired by a summer trip to Italy where she uncovered her grandmother’s vintage Hollywood-style swimwear, Valentina Shah has incorporated a beach-to-evening adaptability into her new lines of designer resortwear. These easily convertible fashion collections make packing for a summer getaway simple. These designer women’s swimsuit pieces embody a 60’s European aesthetic that will turn heads anywhere you go and accompany cover-ups and dresses that complement any lounge or 5-star restaurant. Panarea Couture provides perfect pieces for any stylish traveler’s resort wardrobe.

Valentina Shah continues to be a burgeoning name in the world of fashion and her venture into the realm of designer resortwear will continue to make her even more of a notable name in the world of fashion in Miami and throughout the world of luxury wear. By creating sophisticated works with the current woman’s sensibilities and needs in mind, she is bound to keep developing affordable, functional and stylish collections that leave wearers dressed to impress and ready to make memories on their dream vacations.

Advantix Digital Collaborator